Become a Full-Stack Developer – A “mini” Roadmap

Alert! Being a Full Stack developer is NOT a requirement to get a job.

Question: Do you know ALL of below?

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP (or any other server side language for example Nodejs or Python/Django)

If yes, congratulations! you’re almost there. 😝

(if not, go learn these!)

Say you kind of know the above..

You’ve completed courses or watched videos on YouTube.

The next bit is the most important.. 

You ready?

Here’s comes the boring stuff..

Build Projects...

This is the most boring part because you need to find good projects to work on.. Then carry on working despite losing all the motivation!

(READ: How to find Projects to work on!)

What’s Next?

You’ve worked on enough projects.

It’s time to….

Pick a Framework..!

Many jobs require you to know at least one Framework.

Frontend Framework

Obviously there’s plenty of Frameworks out there but you shouldn’t need to learn more than one as a beginner..

Start with the basic library.. jQuery.. jQuery is not a framework but you should get familiar with it..

As far as the Framework goes.. pick ReactJs.. I found that most job listings ask for Reactjs.. (you can go check it yourself too!)

Backend Framework

Note: These are my suggestions for someone who’s a beginner. 

You are always free to use whatever tech you like, for example you can use Python instead of PHP for Backend.. or VueJs instead of Reactjs for Frontend.

Remember: This post is simply a BASIC roadmap you can follow until you are capable of deciding things for yourself.

Do you have to learn both Frontend and Backend frameworks?

Simply answer is no.

If you like frontend more learn frontend framework, if you have interest in backend then go with a backend framework.

You don’t need to learn all frameworks. Despite being a full stack developer you’ll be ‘better’ at one or another.

Best of luck!

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