How to Solve Most Programming Problems

There’s 5 important ideas that’ve been part of my development for past couple years. They are:

  • Distinguishing Business vs Technical issue
  • Detailed Break down
  • Questioning as Breaking down
  • Code Isolation
  • Observing other’s work

Distinguishing Business vs Technical issue

This has really given me an edge when writing code. Major problem a lot of coders face is mixing the two. Don’t!

Detailed Break down

Breaking down is not as simple as just splitting work into small units. It’s nothing unless you question everything.

Questioning as Breaking down

Questioning means you’re auto correcting the direction your program is taking even before you start.

Code Isolation

Code isolation means you’re not being directed by the existing application, you’re controlling the narrative of the application. Isolation means to stop telling existing code to interfere.

Observing other’s work

The problem you’re trying to solve has probably already been solved. All you have to find is the right project to see how it’s done.

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