1 Trick to take your Web Development Skills to a NEXT LEVEL (for beginners)

Here’s how to take what you already know to a next level.

Go to Codecanyon:

Head over to https://codecanyon.net.

Codecanyon is a popular site where people sell their scripts/themes/web products. It’s a great place to see what sort of things people have built. You can use any other similar site..

Find something interesting:

Find a theme or script that seems interesting and easy enough. For example “laravel person portfolio/resume script” or anything for that matter.. just make sure it’s something that interests you and it’s not too intimidating..

For example, if I’m not into Finance I wouldn’t even think about Accounting script. Go ahead and find something and move to the next step.

Understand the product:

Understanding what you picked means wrapping your head around it’s purpose and how it could be working (don’t worry if you cannot figure out how it works).

Each script on codecanyon has a preview link. Click it, play around until you are familiar with it.

I’d save the link somewhere as you’ll be going back to it when into the next step.

Planning out:

Now that you’ve understood the project and you know exactly what it’s doing it’s time to do some planning..

Open notepad or take a piece of paper.

Title it whatever the project name is, ex “Portfolio site script” and list everything that a site should do.

Obviously use the link to the project we saved in earlier step. We’re going to create exact same site. Once you have the list move on to the next step..

Starting the work:

Put 2 full hours aside daily and start writing the code.

If your list starts with something like, “Create a functionality to upload CV” start to write the code for this functionality.

Go through items in your list one by one.

This is the hardest step so if it does seem boring or irritating or you feel like you’re stuck know that it’s totally normal.

This resembles real world web development, you have nowhere to run. You got to face the problem and write the working code. That’s all.

When you’re STUCK:

If you’re completely stuck you’ll feel to give up.

This is normal especially if you want to feel what real work feels like. You HAVE to make sure you put 2 hours in as mentioned in previous step.

You can take a break until next day AFTER that. What you don’t want to do is get frustrated in first hour and stop.

If it’s been couple days and you still haven’t made progress then you can either ask people on stackoverflow/reddit or such forms or stop working on that section/part of the site…

But carry on working on the next item in the list..

Sometimes you’ll be in such a bad spot where even the next item will seem really, really difficult. You won’t be able to find a solution or write any amount of useful code even after spending good amount of time..

IF this happens then start the process over, go back to Codecanyon and pick an easier project.

If you follow these steps seriously then each project you complete or even partially complete will teach you so much more than any tutorial.

This will also help you build your portfolio that you can actually talk about.

More tips:

If you get to a point where you want to take the learning to the next level then just buy the script. It will give you exposure to how the internals are actually working and if you’re stuck you can always look at the code.

Needless to say there’s plenty of open source projects you can apply the same technique to.


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