Easy recipe to become a bad developer in 2023

It’s easy. Just follow fake trends in web dev and rest will be taken care of.

It’s weekend and I’m sipping on my morning latte while browsing Twitter.

I notice new trends every week.

New frameworks every month, new library every day.

Question is: Why would you go out of your way to learn something ‘new’ instead of something a bit more traditional?

Is it really worth the time and effort to become competent at new stuff?

How are you going to make money off it?

Most of the projects you get from clients are gonna be ‘legacy’ and you’ll have no choice on the technology you use.

Most of the companies are going to have their own favorite tech they use.

And last but not least the ‘new’ tech will have no market. You doubt? Go to a job sites and lookup that new tech, see how many jobs it returns.. then make up your mind.

Stackoverflow or Google search result is not an indicator of how valuable something is, in the market.

This world has gone a bit mental, what you see around you isn’t really real, and yes this includes all the hype you see about certain things, including technology. What you see on social media is not what’s happening in the offices or places where real work is done to generate money.

Don’t waste your time learning what’s ‘flashy’ just because everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon.

Use your time wisely. I do.

Next time you see something new, ask yourself what’s the market value? Is there money in this, is it worth learning?

Happy weekend!

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