Relax for once, fellow devs!

You’re writing code you’re soaking all the information knowing that even tho the facts may disappear from the memory soon the stress that’s built up each day will not.

You finish your work at 5 but it isn’t really finished, is it? you’re thinking, not because you have to but because it’s stuck in your brain!

Each line of code you write contains business insights that came from someone else, and ofcourse a lot of the gaps are filled by yourself, someone didn’t do their job properly so you’re taking on an extra burden.

Worry during the time of deployment is incomparable, yes you do write tests whenever you can, but you aren’t always working for a perfect company.. money is the priority, not tests!

Things break all the time, uncertainty is normal.. years of experience.. but still no control over the project?

Coding sure is difficult.. maybe you can write in multiple languages.. that’s not enough.. you must know another language.. the language needed to explain things to non tech people.

You wanna work on side projects.., but your eyes won’t allow you.. they’re sore! Maybe they’ll get better when you get more experienced.. or maybe not..

Maybe that’s it.. things will get better one day.. they always do… but you really don’t wanna be left behind, you gotta keep learning.. the tech world changes fast!

Oh and so do people, because your work continues even after “office closing hours”.. sure you’re there with your friends and family, listening, are you tho? or are you still lost in the binary world of programming?

Chill! Just relax for once fellow devs!

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