Surprising benefits of cardio as a programmer

So, I’m quite an active person (love running!), but as of late I had too much on my plate so started focusing more and more on work, ignoring any physical activity. Winter weather doesn’t help obviously!

As the weather got better here in UK and I had itch to go out for run once again.. (can’t miss that sunshine!)

First run and guess what? I regret stopping running.

I feel like life got in a way just to show me the real benefits of exercising.

Now, to all programmers out there..

Here’s 6 LIFE CHANGING benefits I’ve been experiencing after working out:

1. My communication improved, I can easily see it during work calls or when I’m talking to people in person. The words just seem to come off very easily.

2. It feel more energetic. We all know the feeling after having coffee or Red Bull but this feeling is different. It’s like being ALIVE. Obviously, the high doesn’t last forever, but you just feel different throughout the day.

3. I seem to stress less over the small things. I just ignore them. I don’t find it fun to be involved in small pity stuff. Maybe this is what happens when you feel better inside.

4. I wake up full of energy and my thinking is more aligned with the day to day tasks. Focus is on point!

5. I am not eating shit food anymore. When I can feel the soreness in my muscles and all that. I just tend to eat better food.

6. Magically I have more confidence, when I’m talking, out and about etc… My posture is better. It just feels stronger from inside.

But here’s the BIGGEST takeaway:

The body feel & looks better, BUT it’s my thinking and how I feel in general (psychologically), that’s making huge impart in my daily life.

Start working out!

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