What do employers look for in candidate when hiring? 

Most employers that I’ve spoken say following: People with most experience are generally the favorites. Capability is the key.

So if you have worked on complex projects over the years and dug into the details, fixed the bugs, refactored the code, made changes on regular basis, wrote unit tests, added new features then you have gained the experience and made yourself capable.

Note how I didn’t say anything about how you did that, as long as you did it.

Experience can be gained by working for yourself as long as it matches the work you’d be doing if you were working for a company.

The tricky part is finding what to work on.

Do this: Pick a project that’ll take atleast 3-4 months to complete.

This is the trick.

(If you’re beginner then you’re better off working your way through basics. Couple months in you will have to pick a project aswell)

Big projects will give you real experience.


Download source code of an existing project written in language of your choice and make it work locally.

Make a list of features project has. 

Understand each feature. Each functionality, add details to each step and create Jira ticket. 

Once you’ve got the tickets ready you’re ready to build an exact same project yourself.

That’s the secret. Yup.

That’s the way to fill your CV with lots of experience.

You’ll also be able to talk about it because you actually built it all. No gimmicks.

This will teach you exactly what real life experience teaches.

This will also teach you to take accountability for your code.

Lastly you’ll learn to work on things that you don’t understand, exactly like in a real job.

If you get stuck, look at the source code, the downloaded source code will act as a Senior Dev ready to guide you, if that’s not enough use ChatGPT to explain the code.

Best of luck!

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